During the mid and late 1900s, wedding limos stood out as a status symbol of a fine wedding.

They were typically associated with extravagance, aristocracy, and upper-class values. However, the new millennium has drastically altered this perception. Whereas wedding limos were once a sign of wealth and power, they now stand as merely a necessity for any and all soon-to-wed couples, no matter what their stature is in life.

Make it Memorable

If your bride wants to get to the wedding venue in the most special way, our limos are spotless and extravagant. We even have an 18-foot long red carpet that can be used to make the future Mrs. feel even more special. Some couples walk out of the red carpet before their reception, and boy what a dramatic entrance does that make! Arriving to your party in a limo will make you feel pampered and relaxed. We can provide chocolate, champagne and any other goodies you need to make the experience more romantic and memorable.

If your reception is at a location with difficult or limited parking, you may hire our limos to shuttle guests to a from their cars to the venue. Not only will your guests avoid the hassle of parking, they will arrive to the party in style! We can also take guests all the way back to their hotels, if needed. Another service to consider is picking up and taking your out of town guests to the airport. It will allow your guests to relax and not worrying about navigating around a strange city.

Make the Day Special & Hassle-Free

Finally, if the bride and groom need to a ride to their hotel the night of the wedding-we can drive them there. We can also make stops for photos, if needed. We don’t mind working with photographers, and aim to make the wedding couples’ day as special as possible. In most instances we will work to ensure that the same driver is available for the entire event, so that the bride and groom feel comfortable with them.

So whether you need a limo for the bachelorette party, the wedding party or out of town guests-we can accommodate and work with any plan you have. We are to make your special day hassle-free. We want your day to be memorable, and there should be no need to worry about transportation. We have your entire wedding day car needs covered!

In fact, wedding limos are akin to many other wedding requirements such as invitations, flowers, a cake, a photographer, etc. Simply put, a wedding limo is designed to transport a newly married couple from the ceremony to a banquet hall, and eventually to an airport (assuming a lavish honeymoon in a faraway land). And, within the last ten years, the usage of wedding limos has skyrocketed.

At One World Limo we want to make sure that your wedding day is far beyond what you ever imagined it to be. We offer luxury vehicles, courteous chauffeurs, and a one-of-a-kind experience for that special day. We have different vehicles to choose from, different colors, and we can arrange for ribbons, balloons, flowers or any decoration of your choice.

Make sure you reserve months in advance and don’t forget to ask for our wedding packages!

We’ll make sure that your ride is picture perfect!

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